Anonymous asked: The Power Ghouls comics and all the artwork drawn for it.

We have a very similar post, here! But if you want it to be specifically for the artwork, just let us know!

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While not the biggest Draculaura fan, personally, I always found her little speech to Clawd to be very powerful. It shows guys and ghouls to stand up to anyone to do what’s right—even if that person is your significant other. No one should ever hold you back, and Draculaura standing up to Clawd is certainly one way to show that.



After a furrific but crazy busy summer, Mod Ceann has returned for more reasons about why we love this franchise so much! I had a crazy time this summer so I’m hoping that you are all willing to take me back and keep embracing the things we love about Monster High!

I am also considering taking on another Mod. I was hesitant at first, but I think it would help keep this blog alive. If you think you would be interested in joining the WWLMH team, drop us a line.

And please, send us your favorite things about this wonderful world of Monster High! We have a copy of 13 Wishes, so don’t be afraid to send in anything regarding that as well.



Hello everyone! 

Sorry I’ve been absent. I’m having difficulties with my photoshop so I can’t edit anything. I was using a trail version before putting my normal one on my computer. I have your submissions and I’m going to work on them, I just need to get my dad’s copy of the program.

Thank you for sticking with me and thank you for all the new followers even though there hasn’t been new posts.

We’ll be back in business soon!


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jupiterplanetpower asked: This is the Tumblr bear hug, ⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃. Pass this to 15 of your favorite Tumblrs to let them know that you love them! (◕‿◕✿)

Oh my Ghoul! How cute!


Thank you so much, ghoulfriend!

I know things have been quiet here at WWLMH, but I promise I’m still here. I just have to figure out why my Photoshop won’t reinstall and we should be back in business. Thank you and everyone else for sticking with me!

~Mod Ceann

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Source unknown, photo of Yura Peko

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Anonymous asked: Catty Noir- No ones really sure sadly, this came from a Ghouls Night Out journal if I read the poster correctly, and she was simply taking a guess which spread like wildfire which made a maybe become "Oh look its Catty Noir OMG!" I'm waiting until Mattel says something instead of listening to the others.

Thank you very much! 

Publishing so everyone can see! The image is only a guess on Catty Noir. Still holding our breath for the official image!

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Image found on Monster High Mexico.

Do let me know if this is actually Catty Noir. It’s the only image that really pops up when I search.